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w/ Rich Malloy

my setup

Remote Drum & Percussion tracks done right.

My room is a 600 square foot standalone building just for tracking drums and percussion.  I use legendary pre-amps (Neve, API, Manley), top of the line microphones (Neumann, AKG, AT) and have the classic drums/cymbals (Gretsch, Ludwig, Yamaha, Zildjian, Paiste) ready for your next set of tracks. 

Get expensive room sounds at home recording rates. 

Drum & Percussion Tracking Room

How Can I help your song?

(And make your life easier)

Sessions can be done live over Zoom for real time feedback.

With 30+ years behind the drums & 15+ years of remote recording tracks online I am confident I can help your song and your process with great sounding drums and an easy remote recording session.

Have a track you need real drums on?  Maybe it’s just some cymbal rolls and percussion?  Shoot me a note and let’s figure out what works best for your music & your budget.

Textures, Dynamics & Empathy

Music First approach to playing the drums

Drumming is a primal journey, one that brings out our history, cultures, intuitions…there’s nothing like it.  Your tunes deserve this deeper meaning without resorting to extreme dynamics.  Having backed legendary songwriters & a degree in classical percussion I can offer hypnotic grooves with subtleties & sophistication. 

Sessions can be done live over Zoom for real time feedback.

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