No Socials

In order to create more time & focus for music I am no longer on social media. 

Through the years since registering in Nov of 2000 I’ve been on and off most of the social media platforms.  While I believe it can have very positive effects, I also recognize that it’s largely a negative experience for me.  The years that I have had no social media I was more productive, happier and less depressed.  My best work has always come at times when I was not connected to the abyss of likes, dislikes, views, ‘friends’, etc. 

My thoughts & feelings towards all of this resonated strongly when I recently saw The Social Dilemma.  It’s a very well produced documentary featuring many of the people who worked on the earlier versions of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc explaining their side of the story while the film is largely led by Jaron Lanier. 

I won’t ramble on too much about this as I believe the documentary echos my thoughts very well, but I will say the repeating idea which is ‘If you don’t pay for the product, you ARE the product’.  Social media isn’t the first game to use manipulation as a way to accelerate advertising spends & profits.  The media has been doing that for many years and especially the last 4.  However what TV & Newspaper can’t do is change your content based on what they know you are doing individually.  This is a very effective technique towards targeting specific focus groups in order to serve specific tailored ads to manipulate you to spend more with their top paid advertisers. 

‘If you don’t pay for the product, you ARE the product’

With all that said I really like having my own website, I really like having the freedom that not being on social media allows and I really love music and I really love my family.  So it’s those last two that I’ll be focused on with the occasional update here at the headquarters. (I am keeping my youtube account as it’s largely focused on music and I pay a monthly fee to not be served ads.)

Thanks for reading, now let’s make some music.  🙂

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