Undertone Studio

In late 2018 we broke ground on a 600 sq ft room designed exclusively for recording drums and percussion. With no interior walls, 15ft high ceilings and a length of 30ft the room sounds are deep enough for several wave cycles to completely develop and resulting in incredibly authentic drum sounds.

This room is a big step up from the typical home bedroom studio and yet is more affordable than a high end professional recording studio. Therefore you’re getting the biggest and deepest drum tones for the best price.

Drums are the the most difficult instrument to record. It takes many microphones and channels and a room big enough for the wave forms to mature before hitting ceilings and walls. Having the option to get great rooms sounds through professional pre-amps (Neve, API, Manley, Millenia), and world class mics (Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica) is a rare combination.

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