Land Of Confusion

Recently Rich Martin (keys) & James Driscoll (bass) and I got together and took a stab at this Genesis song from 80s.  Check out the original if you haven’t, the video is super creepy/amazing! 

2020 has been a wild year (and it’s not even over).  It’s incredible how accurate this tune holds up some 34 years later.  Through the pandemic, racial unrest, political divide and who knows what else…It’s a classic that (sadly) hasn’t aged a day. 

Since our group doesn’t have a guitar or singer we have to be creative with covers.  I like how the marimba and vibes when played in unison create a different instrument all together.  Rich Martin’s spooky synth sounds provided the exact edge we needed and of course James Driscoll is as solid as any bass player i’ve worked with. 

As a trio we record regularly and are available for your session or project.  Please shoot me a note and let’s talk . Thanks!  – Rich

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